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Why Us

Live Transfers were specifically designed to address the major issues that cause internet leads and other lead companies to under perform or fail completely.

There are five reasons why this is the most
powerful & innovative marketing service available:

The leads are Exclusive.

This means that the live lead is sold to you, and only your company. With internet leads you are competing with between 4 & 15 other sales people for the same lead.

The leads are Live.

You are not buying a paper lead; you are buying an interested consumer on an inbound call. With paper leads you will experience that the customer is already working with someone else or you will realize the form was filled out 3 weeks ago. Those leads are never real time, with our leads the customer calls in, is prescreened and then immediately transferred.

There is a 100% Contact Rate.

With many paper leads, it can take days until you are able to get the customer on the phone. Again, our leads are calling you; so you do not have to waste precious time chasing down a lost cause. You are buying an interested customer on an inbound call.

The highest conversion rates in the industry.

Due to the fact that these leads are transferred live and exclusive, they achieve the highest conversion rates in the industry. Our clients are achieving closing ratios of 15-25% of live-call transfers into sales. At we also have an 82% retention rate. This means 8 out of every 10 clients that order with us stay with us long term. Building long term relationships is the main focus at because when our clients succeed we succeed. is a Pioneer in the Sales Lead Industry.

We created the term “live transfers” which refers to an exclusive sales lead that instantly connects a prospect with a salesperson live by phone! We utilize a multitude of online and offline marketing efforts such as Internet, TV, Radio, Print, and Telemarketing Technologies to generate our live transfer leads. Live Transfers truly have become a must-have marketing product and have proven to yield the highest closing rates for sales professionals across several verticals. In addition to providing sales professionals with live transfer leads, we now also offer live transfer technology platforms which give our customers the ability to generate their own live, exclusive sales leads for their businesses.