Top 3 Things Insurance Companies Can Do To Increase Leads

According to Insurance Journal, 30 percent of new agents are out of business in one year and 55 percent of insurance agents make less than $40,000 per year. Why? It’s likely because their sales methods simply don’t work.
Three things that your insurance company can do to increase insurance leads are:
1. Direct marketing.
Insurance companies, carriers, and agents have been direct marketing since the beginning. Direct marketing methods that have some impact on leads include direct mail campaigns, bus bench advertisements, newspaper ads, and of course, cold calling. These approaches are time-consuming, but build a loyal customer base over time.
2. Social networking.
Don’t underestimate the value of social media and networking. A consistent presence through online groups, platforms, and networks is a valuable marketing resource.
3. Pre-qualified leads.
Live Transfers provides pre-qualified leads for insurance agents, giving them an opportunity to target this consumer audience. These services streamline the process of obtaining valuable information regarding consumers shopping for insurance online and are proven to increase closing percentages.
Perhaps the best way to increase insurance leads is to incorporate tried and true methods and optimize exposure online. Invest in pre-qualified leads to save valuable time spent knocking on doors, and reach out to your target audience with creative promotions and campaigns.